Saturday, April 2, 2011

CNN Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door


  1. "23 witnesses were called to testify, not one was a member of the ... mosque". This is American justice! Muslims must know that the disbelievers hate us, Allah has informed us about this 14 centuries ago in the Holy Qur'an!

  2. Hijrah feesabililah is the answer....... as God is destroying America

  3. Admin: You left out (purposefully, of course) that the "American justice" you deride ruled in favor of the Muslims.

  4. Yes akhii, Hijra as the prophet (S.A.W) did is the only solution. There is no reason for us to stay here and kiss their asses and bow for them in order to please their man and satanic made constitution.

  5. Hijra?
    To where, My contry morocco is as bad, people that grow beards are look down upon, hijabis not allowed on state TV because hijab is looked down upon by the gov. no freedom to do dawa that is agains the gov system, "islamic" parties are either banned or looked down upon. Usury is rampant. mujahidin are a fought. Try to wake the muslimeen and You'l end up in jail etc... and its the same if not worst all over.
    So please tell me hijra where and whats the diference between one place and another in this time.

  6. Assalamulaikum:
    There is a clear distinction between the lands of America, Brtian, France, etc... As per Ibn Taymia's fatwa on Mardin a land that the rule has gone away from shariah but remains composed of primarily Muslims is something between DarulHarb and DarulSallam... the West is clearly occupying, bombing, and waring against the Muslims and is Darulharb without a doubt, while the evil rulers may be complicit in these campaigns nations comprised of Muslims are better environmentally and the one that is living in the West paying taxes and benefiting from the fruits of the imperialist project. If we live amongst the kuffar then we shoudl be warning a people whom Allah is about to destroy... let us reflect on the Quran and recognize the punishment of Allah is descending on the Western nations. As that occurs things are getting better in Muslim lands and the dictators are falling piece by piece, the anguage, culture and family relations are superior in Muslim lands and while many there impersonate the powerful West, many there reject the false values they convince many they hold. There is a fundamental difference in quality of life and spiritual contentment and all should be working on getting out of that disgusting land.. We pray that Allah (swt) destroy America and all states occupying Muslim land and attacking Mulsim all over the world and that he continues to remove the barriers to the just establishment of shariah in the earth so we can all meet together in the Islamic State.

  7. First Ibn taima rahinahullah was in a time of fitna and that was his ijtihad. It is not Deen, its is ra’y (opinion).
    Second, the only difference in terms of population between America, Britain, France, and other countries is the number of muslims. Sure Egypt has more Muslims than non 80%, move to Nigeria lebanon and the percentage is at 50%, move to India and your outnumbered 14%, go to france 10% Jaimca not eve 1%, so my question is, where is the limit % for it to be in between darulharb and darussalm. And what’s the dalil for it.
    What about places that are majority muslim only in some areas of the country (Like a Muslim city or region) but are a minority in total. Like India, some regions are majority muslim, but as a whole they are the minority. Surely not all indians must do hijra. If not, then that is very similar to areas or cities in the uk france and America that are majority muslim. Some cities in france, a non muslim would feel odd one out because the streets are full of muslims.
    some countries fight with more power than others because they have the capabilities.
    Every country you pay taxes to will use the money in haram. the supermarket will use ur money to pay some hash smoking empleyee, or is used in usury, does that mean that its my fault if I buy. Pay taxes in morocco, that money will go to france trade and will be used by the gov to kill muslims. Albeit a small percentage, but again what’s the %limit.
    The prophet bought and sold to jews and non muslim, that money was used in haram, is he responsible. We are not responsible for what that money is used for because in shari3a as soon at the money is in the other’s hand and then separate from each other, then it is technically his money. And you’re not even allowed to ask for it back in shari3a.
    You say the west is waring muslim. They claim they are fighting extremists but like the “moderates”. Is not that what every Muslim maj. country is claiming, they like the muslims that keep islam in the mosque, the moderates. But fight the “extrimists”. Akhi the prisons are full of muslims, more than anywhere in the west. As for fire power, the only difference between the west and our countries is that our countries don’t have enough power. If they did they would plan to whipe out the mujahideen in the magreb, just like the west is trying to wide out the mujahideen in other countries.
    Akhi in terms of gov, the west and east are one, the east gives them intelligence and air fields to kill muslims. That makes them as bad if not worst. So if you’re going to call one darulharb because of the actions of the gov, then you must call them all darulharb.
    You say“If we live amongst the kuffar then we shoudl be warning a people whom Allah is about to destroy.” I agree, in some parts of the west you can fulfill that dutie. The muslim maj. countries you will be put in jail. Unless you do dawa the gov system is pleased with.
    Akhi darussalm is not dictated in shari3a as where one feels better or where the morals and family values and language is better. Though I do agree that you feel at ease when you are there in terms of culture, (there are some issues of bid'a superstition and shirk but inshaallah that will be rectified with dawa). But that is subjective. Darussalam is where allah is the supreme judge and an muslim is a leader/ruler. And that where hijra is wajib.
    But you are right the muslim land are getting better inshallh, and as soon as it is declared darusalm, and it will soon inshallah,and unless the khalifa orders otherwise. then no one has the Choice but to do hijra.

  8. You misunderstand the real defining characteristic of DarulHArb, it is a land that is at war with the Muslims and in this day and age it is imperative that we rescue not only ourselves but Islam from imitation of the kuffar... as the Prohpet (saws) said, "He who imitates a people is from amongst them" perhaps you love the liberties of the domestic American empire... I can understand, most of your leaders differentiate between Good and Bad Muslims and think we are living in a time of peace (see Hamza Yusef)... Islam is its own system and the people are wresting away form the control on the periphery so that Islam may be propagated on what once Darussalam... the West is falling and Islam is rising... you can sit in the West and excuse their 400-plus years of imperialism, citing their justice at home if you want, but that fails to comprehend the nature of empire and imperialist processes... the Muslim world has its problems but there is no Muslim country that I am aware of that has several hundred thousand troops on Muslim soil, props up the dictators (see Wikileaks), has over 1,000 military bases scattered around and many in on Muslim turf... the reason the prisons are full of Muslims is colonialism and foreign dictates.... as we do not recognize darussalam until the law is shariah then there is no nation state that is darussalam but we erase nation states from our conceptualization of a "dar" any way and that makes us fundamentally different than those that accept a post-Westphalian Europe as a guide for Muslim society... If you research the fiqh definition of heijra it is migration where abiltiy to practice Islam is improved.. despite the freeedoms of the West try doing business or going to school without riba, try talking the truth in America and living well.. I left US and was thrown out of a few Muslim countries, probably not the last but I can tell you at least I am not a slave paying 30 percent of my income to federal income taxes that place over 40 percent of that in the War Machine. That alone under fiqh principles makes leaving America wajib as anything leading up to haram is itself haram and you cannot kill Muslims, so unless you dont file a 1040, are on welfare, or make less than $18,000 a year you are helping to kill Muslims whether you like it or not. That is a fundamental distinction.. you can call it ra'y... where is a Muslim country occupying Muslim land... perhaps you should read Abdullah Azzam's In Defense of Muslim Land. Say what you want about subjectivity, most immigrants stay there for material gain and because the Muslim world is ravished by colonialism and dictatorship, but it is those desires that are subjective and expecting idealism before heijra... if you pay taxes in the West you kill Muslims.. that is a fact and one drop of Muslim blood is worth more than the Kaaba, and one innocent soul worth more than all of mankind. The condition of displaying your Islam openly minimally must be full-filled and that is Baraa from Tawagheet so you show me anybody in US full-filling this condition apart from online. I never said there is an abode of Islam, but you need to study the fiqh of heijra and accept that it is heijra to leave one abode where your killing Muslims to go to another where you are not. And you can still do dawa wherever you go, unless you want to use ra'y to interpret the innumerable warnings of Shirk of Khauf (fear) and Qadr, etc. So stay there pay your taxes and play your video games expressing happiness with freedom of speech and not recognizing that the lack of freedom of speech for Islam comes from an imperialist history only fools deny. The position on this site is we don't kill Muslims... and if you work then you are dropping bombs and complicit in the crime.

  9. Well said akhii. Jazaakalahu kheyran. May Allah reward you for your hijra and make you a good example for the muslims in the west including me. It is burning me man! My morale and energy of hijra is increasing by the day. Insha-Allah, I can't wait to make hijra and join my muhajiruun and ansar brothers and sisters. please pray for me.