Saturday, December 11, 2010

Majority of Muslims desire the Shariah

source A recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that Muslim publics overwhelmingly welcome Islamic influence (Islamic Shari’ah) over their countries politics. The survey found people in Indonesia (95%), Egypt (95%), Pakistan (88%) and Nigeria (88%) are on the top the list of Muslim-majority countries which said that Islamic Shari’ah would be good for their countries. These four countries were followed by Lebanon (72%), Jordan (53%) and Turkey (45%).

According to the survey – Turkish Muslims expressed more mixed views of the role Islam is playing in their country’s political life. Of the 69% who say the religion plays a large role, 45% see it as good and 38% see it as bad for their country. Among the minority of Muslims who say Islam plays a small role in politics, 26% consider this to be good for Turkey and 33% say it is bad. In 2007, Islamist AKP party made the history by winning the largest majority of votes (47%) among Turkish political parties.

According to the survey, majority of people in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria are in favour of the strict biblical punishments (followed in Islamic Shari’ah) for adultery, pre-planned murder, armed robbery and treason against country (very bad for American politicians).

According to the survey, 80% of Muslim participants are against suicide-bombing targeting civilians (non-combatant). However, in Israel, every person above 16 is a combatant (trained killer under compulsary military training).

And now the BUT (the Israeli Hasbara part of the survey)…. The PEW report keeps calling both Hamas and Hizbullah as “militants”, a degrading term coined by the Zionazi entity. But the Zionazi military which absorbed Jewish terrorist militias such as Irgun, Hagana and Stern Gang in 1949 – is called Israel Defense Force. It’s still a terrorist organization supported by the USAID$3 billion each year.

The US Lt. Col. David Kilcullen, senior adviser to Gen. David Petraeus (the military poodle of Zionism, as professor James Petras called him), is quoted saying: “If I were a Muslim in the Middle East, I would probably be a Jihadist”.

According to the survey – Palestinian Islamic resistance, Hamas, is more popular in Jordan (60%) than Egypt (49%), Lebanon (49%), Nigeria (49%), Indonesia (39%), Pakistan (18%) and Turkey (9%). In election 2006, Hamas received 44.45% votes as compared to USrael’s favorite Fatah (41.43%). Interestingly, Turkey with the least favorable ratings for Hamas – Turkish humanitarian group IHH was the one which initiated the first Freedom Gaza flotilla.

According to the survey – Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, is more popular in Jordan (55%) than in Lebanon (52%) – followed by Nigeria (45%), Indonesia (43%), Egypt (30%), Pakistan (19%) and Turkey (5%). The PEW claims that Hizbullah support in Lebanon comes from Shia (94%), Sunni (12%) and Christians (20%). Interestingly, Thomas Friedman and Elliott Abrams’ Hasbara lies in the New York Times after the June 2009 election: “The majority of Lebanese have rejected Hezbollah’s claim that it is not a terrorist group.” The victory of March 14 “no doubt came as a huge relief to a good majority of Lebanese,” mused Claude Salhani. In fact, the Lebanese Opposition lead by Hizbullah received 53.4% of the votes against the pro-US March 14 ruling coalition headed by Sa’ad Hariri’s 43.4% votes. It’s the ‘religious seat quota’ which did not allow Hizbullah to form a government in Beirut.

Interestingly, PEW boys did not go to Iran, Malaysia or Syria – which are considered ‘home away from home’ for both Hamas and Hizbullah.

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  1. All Muslims desire the Sharia. Not to want it would be major kufr.