Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Announcement from IslamPolicy.com - on transfer from RevolutionMuslim

:السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I am saddened to announce that revolutionmuslim.com has been shut down due to an alleged, reckless post that has now been the cause of the incarceration of one of our brothers (May Allah hasten his release). We have seen a few arrests of late, with alleged ties to Revolution Muslim, and while most of what the media reports is distorted to say the least the blogs and forums have also been abuzz with imaginative and hypothetical speculation (as usual), most of which has assumed the worst and been representative of lies.  

I want to express my great apology for being inactive and for remaining silent for the past few months.  I have been going through some personal alterations with regard to physical, mental and spiritual space and was eager to alter some of the approach I had been being informed of when this recent spate of bad news hit.  Perhaps prematurely, this post is to announce the initiation of IslamPolicy.com, the new home of Revolution Muslim.

Firstly, I would like to say that we pray and anticipate the best for our brothers and sisters all over the globe who are incarcerated at this time.  We know that acts in Islam are based on intention, and that one is only granted the reward of what they intended. Some of our brothers and sisters, no matter how they may be perceived by others, were acting out of what we consider to be a pure intention. It has been narrated from Ibn Umar (ra) that Abu Bakr (ra) dispatched Yazeed ibn Abu Sufyan (ra) to Syria and that Abu Bakr (ra) walked along with him for about two miles when they said to him (ra), “O, Khalifah of the Messenger of Allah would you not go back?” and that he said, “No, for I have heard the Messenger of Allah (saws) saying that, “he whose feet are covered with dust in the path of Allah, Allah will save him from the fire.”  Indeed our brothers and sisters may have taken the words, “O you who believe why do say that which you do not do?” to heart and so we ask that they are rewarded for their intentions and that they are rewarded the same as if they had attained their lofty goals. 

Still recent events should serve as reminders.  We live in an age where intention is not enough.  We live in an age where we need increased knowledge and understanding as well, and so we set forth continuing on a path hoping to please Allah.  It is imperative at this juncture that we redefine our mission, advance our platform, and improve our position.  Inshallah, this Eid al Adha marks the end of our two year plan of action entitled By All Means Necessary (link). This plan outlined the objectives that Revolution Muslim held and was a guide for my decisions.  However, few of our affiliates read it and so perhaps misunderstood the purpose of our organization. In retrospect the document should be read by those that seek a greater understanding of our call, but for brevity I will highlight the closing paragraphs here.  By All Means Necessary concluded two years ago by stating that,

We have learned a great deal over the last few years. Osama Bin Laden is still alive and Al-Qaeda is plotting attacks that “outdo by far” September 11. According to a former senior Yemeni Al-Qaeda operative, Al-Qaeda has reinforced training camps across the globe. Victory is recognizable in Afghanistan, more may occur in Iraq with recent developments and the prospect of an attack by Israel on Iran. The Shabaab in Somalia are getting closer to regaining Mogadishu as the Ethiopian forces look poised to withdrawal at the end of the year. The incoming American Administration looks destined to be a mule of the international financiers and may be reverting towards a protectionism that will create discord between China and the U.S. and destroy the value of the dollar. Chaos abounds in international markets. The mujahedeen are still waging a successful jihad, but the majority of Muslims cannot foresee the justice of an Islamic State. They are largely unaware of the effect the corporatacracy has on their lives, largely afraid of the rulers the corporatocracy defends. We must pose and become the solution to this paradigmatic problem. It is the best we can do. Revolution Muslim issues a challenge to Muslims across the globe to accept a role in working toward the establishment of the state. Say Somalia would be taken tomorrow. We have problems with piracy, drinking water, health care and political divisions. The world would pose an economic barricade with no foreign investment. The State has oil, resources, agricultural capabilities and a strategic location and the right crew with the right connections could come in with some serious policy recommendations, community organizing and etcetera and protect the State. However, there may not be an internet connection for quite some time and there is little use chatting when the whole world gathers around to destroy you. This is a bold challenge but one that can be met. These are our objectives for the following two years; call it a strategic plan for advancing the objectives outlined in the Mission Statement of Revolution Muslim. Inshallah by the completion of two years heijra will be possible. May Allah make it soon!!!

Having passed two years, much of it remains true, our predictions about the Obama Administration and friction between West and East were accurate, the lands of jihad are spreading, and the ummah still has little clear understanding about what the Islamic State would look like were it established.  Thus, the next two years will, inshallah, concentrate on the solution that is the establishment of the state, defining its specifics, enhancing the sophistication of calls for it, and helping prepare and advance progress, while maintaining support for brothers and sisters working for it across the globe.

In order to attain that objective, modification is necessary.  Inshallah, on the Eid, IslamPolicy.com will release its methodology which will clarify the next stage of our struggle and at that time we will be setting forth a very idealistic set of lofty goals.  The only way they will ever be attained is if we get the help of fellow Muslims. And so please watch IslamPolicy.com for the platform, pass this message and the accompanying videos around the web via email, posting on forums, blogs, websites, facebook, twitter and etcetera so that people know of the change in sites.   

Of course we will include all the brothers and sisters that are willing to aid and abide in the effort but would like to make some alterations having observed that they are due.  The video above highlights the principles that will drive these changes.  Please feel free to comment or criticize. 

Inshallah, we will be back soon, founding an online radio show, magazine, extensive blog and other activities, while keeping the ummah connected to the sincere callers to Islam.  Because his words are so much more beneficial than mine I depart for now with a selection from Ibn Qayyim’s book The Path to Guidance:

There are matters to which he (the sincere servant) has been guided but he is in need of further guidance with respect to them since guidance to the path is one thing, but guidance upon the path is something else. Do we not see that a man knows the path to a certain city, that the path is such and such? However, he is not capable of traversing this path because traversing it requires specific guidance in the journey itself, such as travelling at a certain time as opposed to another, taking a certain amount of water in such and such a desert, resting at this place as opposed to that one. All of this is guidance upon the journey. The one who (merely) knows that this is the path neglects all of this, perishes and is cut off from the desired goal 

We ask Allah, having guided us to the path to place us upon it and I close with this from the Quran praying that it is the sincere reality of my intention:

أُرِيدُ إِلاَّ الإِصْلاَحَ مَا اسْتَطَعْتُ وَمَا تَوْفِيقِي إِلاَّ بِاللّهِ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَإِلَيْهِ أُنِيبُ

I only desire (your) betterment to the best of my power; and my success (in my task) can only come from Allah. In Him I trust, and unto Him I look.

It is truly a pleasure to be back in contact with you all.  I look forward to hearing the ideas of all: old friends and new.  Welcome to IslamPolicy.com, where the revolution in Islam continues inshallah!

~Younus Abdullah Muhammad


  1. alhumdulillah the site is up in running,was sad when rv muslim was shut down...May Allah keep the ulema of haqq and give u reward my akhi.
    asalamu aliekum

  2. jazak'Allah khayr, may Allah give u patience

  3. Bismillah, Assalamualaikum. Nice to hear your voice Akhi. May Allah protect you. Ameen

  4. Aswrwb

    Allahmdolillah for this new website may Allah reward you what are you doing for this ummah

  5. I was setting up a event with MSA in Buffalo a University @ Buffalo and I would like to have Yousef al-Khattab, formerly Joseph Cohen and or Younus Abdullah Muhammad to come and lecture, How do I go about doing this.

  6. Assalamulaikum Anonymouse Buffalo MSA:

    Unfortunately, Brother Younus is unavailable for your lecture. Yousef al Khattab has a website where he can be contacted. Just google his name and you will find it. If you need additional assistance email islampolicy@gmail.com

  7. salamu alikum

    this is message for brother Yuonus. Eid Mubarak ahki i hope you and your family are well. I just like thank all the brothers at Islampolicy becuase they are doing are very important job in connecting the ummah with the taifah mansourah and promoting the true creed of ASWJ, by proclaiming wala bara, rejecting the taghout and shariah. brother Younus i would like you to clarify points that Yusuf al khattab on a statement on his website, primarily the reason behind leaving RM and his differences with you. On his website he says that the best way to furhter an islamic movement is through the 'democratic system'. We know democracy is kufr because Allah is the legislator and democracy is secular ideaology with is incompatibile with islam. second he says he retracts his stance of toppling the apostate regimes in muslim countries due to blood being spilled and he condems 9/11 7/7 etc. Now brother Yunous you know Yusuf better then i do and do you think he made these statements due to his individual circumstance and location where there are draconian laws that crimanalise law free speech.therefore, i should treat them with 'pinch of salt'. or is this his true position now regarding these issues.

    brother Yunous i would also like to ask you that you are well spoken and intellegent person mashAllah. what advice can you give me to be like you and what books would you recommend i read to increase general knowledge on current events and global affairs.

  8. Al-hamdulilaah this site is up and running. Truly the truth is clear from the batil May Allah protect the Ummah. Brother Abu Qatil asked one of the questions I had about brother Yousef. My other curious question is how you felt about brother Zachary and Bilal ( fakka Allahu asrahum) and what you think of them being arrested?

  9. I responded to the inquisitions about Yousef on the homepage in a brief statement. Jazakallah Khairan.


  10. as salamu alaikum brother Younus...thank you for going back to the OLD RM platform. We very much needed to get back to working for the ummah of Muhammad(pbuh) Bro Younus, you know i always read the site and I felt the last post was going to cause problems for RM. I emailed and suggested many times to remove things because they were leading us away from what the original members of RM were looking to accomplish. I could not reach the admins so i asked to have my emails forwarded to you. Anyway i just want to say to you we love you and hope you will not be pushed into a fight with yousef with questions here on the site. I love you both and even Umar and abu bakr had disagreements. My advice is to focus on your goals here and refuse to give details about your relationship with your brother. The two of you can work out the details in PRIVATE...So MUSLIMS Stop asking the brother these questions....the answers will not give you more islamic knowledge....and understanding. INSHA ALLAH...we can have them both back working tgether oneday BUT don't open a can of worms because you will do nothing but make a MESS.

    yours in deen

  11. May Allah give you Ajr for this website. i was waiting eagerly for you guys. i would type in RM address on my browser everyday just to make sure you guys are up or not.Love you brother Younis for the sake of Allah.

  12. I agree with ghostface, I wish all the ummah would unite. However, it is important to distinguish the truth from falsehood especially in our era where the internet is a teacher for most. Many people do not know which imam to trust or other issues the Ummah is facing. It is important to know because a lot of people continue to follow certain people who have strayed, and this is a big problem in our Ummah. The brother is a good brother and he is our brother in Islam, but he has taken a different way. May Allah give us all beneficial knowledge and make us righteous and make us die upon the haqq. Ameen.

  13. May Allah azza wa jal be with you akhi Younes and grant you a steadfast and sincere foothold from which to continue this Dawatul Haqq, insha'Allah.

    Even if al-kufaar tried to terminate the site a million times, they would never be able to do so if it were not for the Qudra of Allah Subhana wa'ta'la.

    Ahukum fid-dua

  14. Can somebody please make things clear of the refutation of awlaki by aalafimanhaj.com although some of their points made sense, but my heart stops me from buying what they have to because they mostly come across to be very biased while they claim that awlaki cherry picks, in their refutation they seem to cherry pick what awlaki says. Jazakallahu khairan

  15. While I have not read their refutation and cannot explain full here. The major points the mujahideen make with regard to attacking Americans wherever they find them are not, as is often assumed, due to hadith that imply collateral damage is permissible. Rather, they start their opinion here to show that the killing of civilians in war is not ABSOLUTELY RESTRICTED. That is to say that RAPE is ABSOLUTELY RESTRICTED. There is no case where it becomes subject in fiqh to rape, for example as retaliation.

    Then people like the Talafi's come and say this is wrong the Prophet (saws) clearly forbade targeting civilians..... however, that is not the daleel the mujahideen use... the speak of collateral damage to show that there are exceptions to the rule...

    And then they bring other evidences too long to mention here like the use of fire against people, which is haram but was used by Ali, or the prohibition of cutting down tress but which was used by the Prophet (saws) against the Jews of Medina....

    From there, they set ut to describe the what is collective punishment, they pull from many examples to show that in certain cases whole groups are punished because ofthe actions of one man.... there are many example Banu Qainuqa and Banu Qairaida are primary but there are more....

    Thereafter, they use the ayaat of the Quran that talk of retaliation, that if the enemy inflicts you with a wound you inflict hem with a similar wound....

    All of the mujahideen agree that in the majority of cases, targeting civilians is haram, but they look at the millions of dead Muslims and the definition of combatants in fiqh which is anyone that supports with wealth, self and word and they derive that the tactic is permissible as retaliation.

    Because you have to work through the whole argument, people usually stop at the beginning and so "NO!" Targeting civilians is explicitly stated as impermissible, therefore they miss the point and do not give their brothers the benefit of the doubt.

    While it is too long to mention here, perhaps someone can post links to the fatawa of the mujahideen. Another person Sulamian something has a pop video on the internet, and does the same thing, but responding is really just senseless.

    Islam for many, many people is a set of books on a shelf, a justification for spiritual gymnastics, labeling others, feeling superior, an opiate of a dead ummah.

    It is permissible to disagree with anyone, you will only be brought to account for yourself and you should be careful who you support as the Prophet (saws) reported your religion is the religion of your friend...

    We give the benefit of the doubt to the mujahideen in this position. The best fatwa I have read on the topic was the Mujahid Shaykh Yusuf al Yua3ri as it was the most detailed, but Dr. Ayman, Osama and others as well have expressed the evidence they use repeatedly.

    The funny thing about the so-called Salafis is that Shaykh Muhammad ibn Uthmayin is essentially a hujjah for them and he hold the very same opinion, that if the enemy attacks your civilians under very extenuating cirumstancesit may become permissible to attack theirs.

    I think a good look at the relentless war against Islam long before 9-11 and the state of affairs of the rulers and others shows that we are certainly living in times of extenuating circumstance.

    I hope others may post more about the issue.

    Brother Yunus

  16. This is Mohammed
    Yup our thoughts are the same. Khair I've posted few things on Yousuf al khattabs facebook page, in the comments section, I'd like to knownyour views on them
    Jazakallahu khairan

  17. Hi Younis. Welcome back to the US. Are you going to make a public apology like Joey? That might help you stay out of jail.

  18. ^How about you become Muslim filthy kafer so you do not go to hell. Or if it is a Muslim talking like that, then you need to make taubah!

  19. he shit heads unlucky about your other site being closed down !

    now go and fuck your selfs!

  20. to the foul mouthed one
    well actually when muslims have what non muslims preceive to be a setback [ its actually the opposite ] we just gain more strength and it adds to our determination to move faster to the aquired goal , which is.... educating the minds of the ignorant ungrateful ones
    which leads to .... dominating the world
    Allahu Akbar

  21. Assalamu alaikum, would like to express my elation in this site up and running again, its a valuable tool for our ummah. I pray Allah blesses it and that Allah guides our zomibe muslims to the reality of our situation. I felt a disconnection with events without this site may ALlah reward you all for your efforts in this life and the next ameen

  22. No matter what the kafeer or munafiqeen says. InshaAllah! we are going to build Islamic State sooner or later. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

  23. Can't believe you guys would ever threaten to hurt someone just because they did something that you don't like. People have different views than you; we respect yours, now learn to respect ours.